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Laser tummy tuck surgery

Laser tummy tuck surgery is a type of non surgical tummy tuck that is available for patients who want to get rid of their belly fat in a less painful and more affordable manner. A flabby tummy tuck is often a result of aging, having a baby as well as an non active liftstyle. Traditional tummy tuck uses surgical means to help to resolve this problem. While effective, these type of procedures have the side effects of long recovery period and the risk of leaving tummy tuck scars after the operation.

Fortunately, with the advancement of laser technology, it is now possible to sculpt your tummy in a non invasive manner. If you want to know how laser tummy tuck works, read on to find out more:

What is laser tummy tuck and how does laser tummy tuck work?

In this new treatment, a tiny laser fiber is injected underneath the the skin. This technique is called laser body sculpting and when used in the tummy area, it is better known as laser tummy tuck.

Once the laser fiber has been inserted, the heat from the laser will melt the fats as well as helping to tighten the skin. This will help to achieve a flatter tummy for the patients.

Benefits of laser tummy tuck

There are a couple of advantages of using laser tummy tuck. Firstly, there is no tummy tuck scars after the operation. Secondly, the recovery period is much shorter when compared to traditional tummy tuck surgery. Finally, laser tummy tuck (due to its small incision) can reach areas where traditional tummy tuck procedure cannot reach.

How much does laser tummy tuck cost

The average cost of laser tummy tuck ranges from USD5000 to USD8000, depending on the location of where the procedure is conducted as well as the amount of work that needs to be done.

Which laser wavelength is best for laser tummy tuck

There are a couple of laser wavelengths that the patient can choose from. These are 924nm laser wavelength, 1064nm laser wavelength, 1308nm laser wave length etc. Among these, 924nm seems to be the most recommended among surgeon. Currently, you can find this laser wavelength in machines offering slim liposuction devices.

Updated: see more information about a new tummy tuck with laser treatment

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